Tractor Tavern January 31, The Deli SF Fan Poll

We’re entering into our last week here in Seattle, and it’s been quite an adventure thus far. We’re looking forward to another week of great shows before we have our big finale show at the Tractor Tavern on Tuesday, January 31. The more we hear about how great the Tractor is, the more excited we become, and we hope to see you all there before we leave this wonderful city. We’re planning many surprises so be sure to get your tickets today.

In other news, we’re in the running for The Deli SF’s Best Emerging Artist 2011 Fan Poll. If you like our music and what we do, we would be so grateful if you’d vote for us – and tell your friends! It takes about ten seconds, and there’s no email registration required, so click here to vote for The Family Crest.

January 31, Tractor Tavern

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