From Owen: First Seattle House Show – at Adam and Eve’s

Well, these past few days have been interesting. We continued our trend of doing really well in the music aspect of our tour and really badly in the housing and transportation bits. Our bus broke down very thoroughly, and the wondrously generous Garage Voice rented us their band van, which then also broke down. We’ve also begun relocating into Seattle proper after our Kenmore housing situation became rather volatile (note: understatement).  More on that in a bit.

On Friday we played a house concert for Adam and Eve (real names), and their charming five year old Donovan.  We had a mix of their friends and some people who heard us on KEXP and came to check it out.  The show went really well, and I think everyone had a great time, including the band. Adam and Eve continued the Seattle trend of being just about the nicest people you could possibly imagine. After things got crazy in the other house we called them and told them we needed a new place to stay, without a pause they invited us into their home and hosted us for two days, and helped us find a more permanent place to live. I continue to be dumbfounded at how generous people are here, and how willing they are to open up their home to a band they just met.  Eve put us in contact with a marvelous woman named Rachel who decided to let us stay there for the remaining two weeks, despite not knowing us at all, and seemed also amused at how taken aback we were with her generosity. I guess it’s just a giving type of community.

So, on the bright side, we now get to stay with wonderful people, IN SEATTLE, near the Fremont district which is pretty much exactly where you want to be. Sometimes things just work out well.

On the bus front, I will be going out to do battle with the Duke again tomorrow morning, that thing is going to start, damn it.

After spending hours attempting to fix the Duke, it promptly broke down. Again.

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