From Owen: Classical Revolution Seattle

Day 3 in Seattle. The rain has graciously stopped, and it’s actually decently warm, albeit overcast. We played last night at Classical Revolution Seattle’s 1 year anniversary and had a blast. The venue was the Faire Gallery Café, which is a hip spot; it was very cozy and we didn’t have a ton of people there but we made some friends and had a good time. Liam is thankfully getting over his sickness, although his voice still sounds more baritone than usual. Last night felt like the first time we had actually played fully together in a while, and I think everyone had a great time, judging by the grins from the band. I feel like we’ve all been caught up in tour logistics a little bit, and it served as a nice reminder to all of us why we are up here in the first place. I feel like we are getting a bit more into a rhythm here, and I’m getting excited.

Today we are going to put up some flyers and then we are playing at Q Café tonight, which I have heard great things about. I am very excited to play for the Seattlites and see what the music scene up here feels like.

Owen and Lucas playing Beethoven at Classical Revolution Seattle following our show. Note the electric bass doubling the cello part.


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