From Lucas: Warm welcomes from the Seattlites

They certainly weren’t kidding when they told me it rains a lot here. While moving into our month-long sublet in Kenmore, we were told that the weather patterns here does get a little tedious after a while and today I had an idea as to why. We were passing by an absolutely charming little park in Capitol Hill and the gang and I were noting how beautiful it was. I feel that rainy days wear down on people especially hard when you’re in a city as beautiful as Seattle. There are so many wonderful outdoor places here to explore yet only a limited time during the year to explore them, unless you don’t mind getting wet, that is. Despite the rain and the cold, however, I find myself irresistably charmed by this city and all it has to offer.

I think things are starting to gather a bit of steam in terms of attaining new shows and contacts here. We received some exciting news that we still be playing this Tuesday morning on KEPX, a well-known station in the area that will hopefully be a great way to share out music with listeners. It should be a great experience, made particularly memorable because we’ll have an 8 am call time for the show at 9:30 am. So … TFC bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Tonight’s show (#4) was at the Hopvine in Capitol Hill. It’s a really fun bar with a great crowd and great atmosphere. Owen, Charlie, and I did a little bit of pre-show reconnaissance in the afternoon and upon entering we saw that the stage would prove to be one of the smallest spaces that we will have played in. We spent the afternoon at a cozy cafe called Victrola about one block away from Hopvine where we did some computer work, ordered coffee and tea, and ran errands. So began our flyer-ing. While we took turns flying different parts of the city, Owen, Charlie, and my adventure took us to some really awesome records stores, bars, restaurants, and a frozen custard store where Charlie introduced me to the deliciousness that is frozen custard. Win.

We had a great time playing a few songs tonight and we were well received by an already welcoming Seattle audience! Afterwards, Liam and I were apparently recognized by a fellow performer, the barista at Victrola. Apparently the reason he remembered us, as he explained, was because “Gibraltars are only ordered by Californians.” Tonight was a good night, a welcome end to a long but productive day. We all came home in high spirits, looking forward to tomorrow where we get to do this all over again :)

Until next week for me, good night all and I hope you are well!

- Lucas

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