From Liam: Snowy Shows

When this band started, John and I had two mottos that we referenced to keep help us cope with challenges and to help us to try to keep a good head on our shoulders. The first: keep it classy… which basically means to do our best to remain respectful, kind and thankful to anyone and everyone we work with. The second… everything that can go wrong will go wrong. When we began recording The Village we ran into our fare share (understatement of the year) of road blocks. We figured that if we were prepared for these untimely situations we’d be more apt to deal with them. Still, at the time we did not realize that from ashes one can begin to rebuild… and sometimes the worst situations bring on the best situations. This tour has really forced us to revive our old mottos.

As Owen wrote about, after a pretty horrendous stay at our original residence for the tour, last week we decided to leave. The amazing Adam and Eve took us in. Originally, we were set to be at their place for one night… but the next morning Seattle was under an insane snow storm watch. Supposedly, the biggest storm to hit the Seattle region in 70 years was about to strike. Without hesitation, our wonderful hosts told us that we were more than welcome to stay however long we wanted. What’s even more crazy wonderful is that Eve is an amazing cook… and has been cooking for us every morning and night. What I’m getting at regarding our original mottos is that we were in a terrible situation that just kept getting worse… and because of that we are now in an amazing, warm home with equally amazing and warm people… if it wasn’t for the horror that we originally experienced, we wouldn’t have made these wonderful new friends. So I guess… the horror was totally worth it. Yes. Thank you so much Adam and Eve. We love you so much.

So, as for the last few days. Due to the storm we’ve been forced to find alternate ways to bring our music to Seattle, as we’ve been snowed out of all of the venues that we originally set up in our calendar. After about 20 minutes of discussion we realized that we didn’t live in 1952 and that technology was our best friend so… we decided to stream our shows. First, we made flyers…

Then we walked across the city passing out the flyers for a show that you could watch from the comfort of your own home. Talk about frozen grass roots marketing right? It was a blast though… we don’t get any snow in San Francisco and as John has never seen snow, it was really fun to walk around with him passing out flyers. It was kinda like being a little kid again. People were sledding down main streets, skiing down the sidewalk, building snowmen and chucking snowballs at each other. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It makes for an awesome story. So yes, after about 3 hours of traipsing around the city, I think between the entire band we covered about 6 miles. Yes. It was awesome. Anyway, we came home, set up in the living room, hooked up a mixer and played to the snowed in masses. To those who tuned in, we hope you had good time. I know we had a blast.

After a 45 minute show, Laura and I made Laura’s grandmothers chili recipe, a vegetarian pasta carbonara for Lucas, and Eve made some home made corn bread… the absolute perfect meal for a snowy day. Oh yes, and I can’t forget to mention that Owen’s lovely sister Lucy stopped in for a visit… from San Francisco. Yes, that’s right… Lucy wanted to get away, so she decided to fly up to Seattle…in a snow storm. I guess being a bad ass runs in the Sutter family. So yes, it’s great to see a familiar face from home. Anyway, it’s still snowing and I’m sitting in my new favorite coffee shop, Milstead. So. Awesome. I mean… where else do you get to choose from two to three different kinds of espresso? Yup… fantastic. Anyway, to bring this entry to a close I’ll leave you with this sentiment. Don’t worry about us… though it’s cold the wonderful people of Seattle are keeping us warm.

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