From Liam: New Year, New Tour

First off… Happy New Year!!! Yes. So… we’re finally here. Seattle. Gorgeous.

After 2 days on the road, John, Owen, Lucas and I met up with Charlie and Laura in Sea-Tac, and now… Seattle. I swear, after all the planning you’d think that the trip up would be the easy part, but of course I (after a year of absolutely no illness), the singer of the group, would get a seriously terrible throat cold the day I left for a tour that would have me sing every day for a month straight. Mer. Still, it’s gorgeous up here and I’m on the mend.

I’m really looking forward to this month, especially after the success of our September series that we did in SF back in September. We met a ton of amazing people, gained some awesome new fans and to our surprise, became a much tighter group musically and emotionally. In an acoustic setting you really get a chance to hear every nook and cranny of the individual instruments and their players… so by essentially rehearsing with the group every day (sometimes twice)… we became much more solid as a group. So yes… so many reasons to be excited. Did I mention my sister Lin lives here?! Yeah. I never get to see her, so it’s going to be really cool to spend a bit of time with her in her neck of the woods. She had a pretty profound effect on my musical taste, so it’ll also be awesome to see what she’s listening too these days.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand… Seattle. After a night drive to Redding, we did a brief stint in Portland with an Extended Family member (Britney Kaplan!) and some Stumptown coffee. Fantastic. After spending my New Year’s Eve sick in bed, the boys had a blast at the local Denny’s bar (yup), and then we were finally in the thick of things here in Seattle. We met up with Lin in the Queen Anne District and grabbed a bite at a local breakfast haunt, Citizen. Amazing crepes. Due to me being sick I wasn’t able to try out any coffee… but still, great food. You can’t really go wrong with goat cheese, asparagus and bacon, right? Afterwards we made our way out into the heart of Queen Anne to do some work at a local coffee shop, Uptown Coffee. I broke off to see the doctor while the rest of the bunch did a bit of research on local record stores… It’s amazing, the few record stores we’ve checked out as of yet are HUGE and run by really nice people. Actually, come to think of it everyone in Seattle so far has been pretty damn nice. Go Seattle. Boom. Yes, so after the doctor told me to take some medicine for my throat and rest (duh), I met up with TFC and we headed off to our first show in Seattle. As much as playing an actual venue would seem to be the obvious choice for a series kick off we decided to do something similar to what we did in our September series. We chose an outdoor location. Kerry Park is a bad ass park on a hill overlooking the entire city. It was freezing and dark, but due to the randomly amazing weather, it was surprisingly clear. We ran through a few tunes and played to a small group of people that stayed to watch at the top of the hill. Perfect way to start the month.

The backdrop of our first show: Seattle skyline.

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