From Laura: daily roundup, ode to The Duke

The our first week here in Seattle is coming to an end and I have to say, I’m surprised at how easily all of us have adapted to the environment up here. It was a little at tricky at first, since the six of us are sharing a basement rec room (coordinating showers is still proving to be a challenge) and are used to getting much less alone time, but now we’ve found our rhythm and everything’s going smoothly. We’re really excited to be playing on KEXP next Tuesday and for all of our upcoming concerts here in the city.

Last night we played a pretty incredible open mic at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.  Our friend Serena (who writes Grassroots Travel guides) recommended we check it out, so when we found out they had an open mic, we were anxious to participate.  Upon our arrival, we discovered two things: not only was the open mic an all arts open mic, but there was also a bake sale coinciding with it. Many bands have issues with drug and alcohol abuse. Our band struggles with a severe addiction to sugar. So we kicked off the open mic with a hefty sampler of the bake sale confections. Three words: cinnamon roll cookies.

One great thing about an all arts open mic is that it provides a very diverse experience for those of us (read: me) who have focus issues. Last night, we saw poets, dancers, musicians, and puppeteers. Both attendees and participants were very supportive and welcoming to everyone, so the atmosphere was inspiring and infectious.

One performer in particular stood out to me: a poet who faced her stage fright head on before reciting her poem. She described everything she was feeling to the audience; butterflies in her stomach, sweaty palms, shaky voice. As someone who has battled stage fright, I really admired her courage and how she chose to confront her fear. Once she began reciting her poem, her words seemed to empower her as she went along, so much so that by the end of the poem, it seemed as though all of her jitters had been left behind. It was a really wonderful thing to experience as an audience member.

John and Liam are watching the first episode of Portlandia right now and every two minutes the room erupts in laughter. I’m intrigued, so I’ll leave you with this haiku in honor of our tour vehicle, The Duke:

Elevator lift

Red, white, and blue champion

Behold now, The Duke!

This is The Duke.

Be well, and be happy!


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