From Laura: Citation Success, Beautiful People

I woke up in a crazy mood this morning, despite the welcome sunlight that was streaming into the house. We have a lot going on in our last week here: five house shows, we’re playing on TV, rehearsals, and we have a lot of days coming up that include multiple shows. Plus, we have a dysfunctional tour vehicle (meaning it doesn’t start) and last week we were slapped with a massive citation, courtesy of the King County Sheriff’s Department. In a Type-A frenzy, I made a to-do list during my morning tea that included things like “Fix The Duke For Real This Time” and “Contest Massive Ticket And Win.” Well, I’m happy to report that we have a mechanic coming to look at The Duke (if that doesn’t work our next move is to call a priest) and our entire citation was dismissed today, which is good because if it hadn’t been, we would have been living on Top Ramen for the next six months. I’m working on the rest of the list…

On to the beautiful people mentioned in my headline. Obviously, I’m talking about our Extended Family. Our friend and creative director, Matt Washburn, spent countless hours working on this photograph, which captures a small percentage of our beloved Extended Family:

The Family Crest

All I have to say is that nobody cleans up like our Extended Family members. The only funny looking person in this photo is that brunette girl standing in the front on the right-hand side. What’s she even doing there?

I should mention that we’re up for The Deli SF’s Best Emerging Artist Fan Poll. Will you please vote for us?

I’ll leave you with this question: what is it with dudes not putting the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder? Please discuss.

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