From John: The Kindness of Friends and Strangers

Hey All,

I have to say, while getting close to the halfway point of our Seattle excursion, we’ve definitely have had our fair share of adventures (see Laura’s post for the skinny).

After waking up from our emotionally exhausting night, we spent the morning and some of the afternoon coming up with a game plan to fix the Duke and all of its problems.  This included the possibility of renting a vehicle for the time being.  Enter Bruce from Garage Voice.  This awesome dude, as well as the other awesome guys in this band, graciously came to our rescue, letting us use their tour vehicle for the next week, until things get sorted out with the Duke. I think I’m going to sound like a broken record by the end of this month talking about how awesome the guys in Garage Voice are.

I can’t say enough about how people in Seattle have been so amazing and helpful when it comes to the situations we find ourselves in both good and bad.  It gives me a fresh perspective, and how we should strive to be more helpful and understanding of each other trying to pay it forward, when we can.  I know it sounds really preachy and cliche, but these last two weeks in Seattle have definitely made me reflect.  The kindness of friends and strangers have made me strive to be a better person.

But I digress.  Tonight’s show was at the Mosaic Cafe.  The Mosaic Cafe is an interesting place because they are a non profit cafe.  The don’t charge for drinks, but rather have suggested donations for all their food and beverages.  This is awesome, because if you are short a few bucks, you can still get a coffee and food item for a small amount or less.  I’m sure this really benefits people that are homeless or who are being hit hard in these trying economic times.

The show went well.  We played a few songs and watched the local talent; particularly an awesome piano player who finished the night off with some great tunes.

After that we all tried Seattle’s famous Dick’s for some cheap burgers.  Dick’s is awesome because it has some pretty tasty burgers for a reasonable price.  The burger tasted along the lines of a McDonald’s Big Mac to me.

All in all, it was a pretty non-hectic day.  Definitely needed after a hefty day of pulling double duty (playing two shows) and car troubles (both mechanical and legal).

I will end this entry with a word of advice.  One less preachy and more practical: Putting clothes on that just came out of the dryer is quite possibly one of the most awesome things ever, when you’re living in a climate that is colder then you’re used to.  But hey. At least it’s not snowing.

Ah lame…

Until Next Time,


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