From John: Q Cafe, our cozy living situation

Hi All,

We’ve been in Seattle almost a week now and It feels like we’ve all finally hit a rhythm in terms of our living situation. For me personally, it has been hard adjusting to the almost no privacy set up that we will have to endure for the next month. Imagine fives dudes and one girl all sharing a downstairs living room with one bathroom. Add 6 camping pads and sleeping bags, and you got The Family Crest living in Seattle. I can’t complain though. We’re on the road doing what we want to do and I can’t be more excited about that.

Today we started our day in Uptown Espresso in Queen Anne (starting to seem like a normal routine). I chatted with the barista there about barista stuff (until now I had been employed by Starbucks), and when he asked me what I was doing now, I told him about the band and our Seattle project. I gave him a card and sat down thinking nothing of it. About a minute later, I noticed that Sell Yourself Lightly was being played on their in-house sound system. Needless to say I was super excited to hear our music being played in a cafe.

After that we headed to Q-Cafe in North Queen Anne to play their open mic. This is a very beautiful cafe with a great vibe. Not too many people showed up since it’s the beginning of the year, but the acts that were there were top notch. Most of them knew each other and all jammed out playing blues hits and original tunes. We had a great time playing, hanging out and drinking coffee (they served Stumptown, Liam’s favorite).

Who knows what tomorrow’s show will bring, but all I know is that I’m excited to play, getting an opportunity to share our music with the people of Seattle.

Locals performing at the Q Cafe open mic.

Until Next Time,


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