From Charlie:

Hey Internet Family,

We’re finishing up our first week in Seattle, and so far the tour has been running along swimmingly.  Cool clubs, great music and local coffee roasters have been keeping us busy every moment we’ve been here.

Yesterday, we met our friends, and local jazz organ trio, Garage Voice for an incredible brunch in their Greenwood house.  They showed us the best local clubs, as well as the best breakfast potatoes, Seattle has to offer.  I’m currently writing this in a house belonging to their friend Tim, another local musician that has generously donated his basement rehearsal space to us for a couple hours.  We needed a space to practice before our performance on KEXP (Tuesday, 9:30 am, PST) and Tim stepped up to the plate for us.  They’re just two examples of the warmth and hospitality that we’ve found in a city famous for its gray and rainy winters.  Every café, bar or house we’ve played in has introduced us to some amazing people, all receptive and helpful to a group of strangers from San Francisco. They say there’s no place like home, but Seattle is a pretty awesome getaway.

I’m about to jump back on my drums.  We’ll be sure to keep you all updated every step of the way.  Thanks for following us on the journey.

2/3 of Garage Voice (Bruce and Patrick)

100% of Garage Voice

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