Rodent to Rodent

So this is a few days too late… but better late than never right?
On Saturday night John, Sarah and I had the pleasure of seeing our Extended Family member, Matthew Joseph Payne, share the stage with his father, Sparky, for a once in a lifetime concert experience called Rodent to Rodent. The story leading up to this event is literally one of the most awesomely touching things I’ve ever heard. I’ve included a video beneath that will give you the whole story, but to summarize… Matt didn’t meet his father until about 8 months ago. When his mother passed away, one of her friends thought that it’d be nice for him to be able to contact his father… and passed on the information. They communicated over a few weeks and decided to meet up. Upon meeting they were shocked to find out that not only did they look eerily similar, but both of them shared an insanely huge love of music. After a few meetings Sparky gave Matt some copies of his records including an album that he never released called Rodent to Rodent. Matt quickly found inspiration in Rodent and quickly took it upon himself to rewrite and record a few new versions of some of the tracks. Sparky was thrilled upon his first listen through and from this he and Matt decided to put on a concert. So yes… the concert that we watched was the end result of this collaboration. I think the most moving part of the whole thing was the fact that Sparky wrote his album in 1984, the year Matt was born… and though he had plenty of chances to release it, he never felt like it was time. In his own words it was like he, “had to meet his son to finish his record.”

- To listen to Rodent to Rodent by Sparky Grinstead Click HereTo listen to Rodent to Rodent by Matthew Joseph Payne Click Here -

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