In Memoriam

Cecil Gregory, December 2008

We recently received news that our good friend and Family member Cecil passed away.  He was only 22 and left us far before his time.  Our hearts go out to all of his family and friends.

Cecil’s amazing sense of humor and freewheeling nature made him an amazing friend to have around.  He possessed talents that most men 3 times his age wished to attain, and I wish now more than ever I could tell him how much he meant to us.  Music was his life and I’ll think of him every time I hear many of the records in my collection.  I still remember singing Sly and the Family Stone,  Fleet Foxes, Elliot Smith, and The Beatles at the top of our lungs on our long drives to Calaveras.  His departure breaks my heart.

Over the last year Cecil and I drifted apart and now more than ever I wish I would have made more of an effort to be in his life.  If you care about someone always remember that they may not be here forever, so cherish them and the time you have with them.  We’ve placed a tribute video below to his favorite of our tracks… his faith in me and in this song helped me to begin this project.  Cecil, you will be terribly missed.  We all love you so much.  Rest in peace my friend.

Liam McCormick

The Family Crest

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