Video Blog No. 4

The last few weeks have been amazing for us. We’ve played a range of shows that featured so many Extended Family members – Ivo Bokulic (viola), Lucas Chen (cello), Ben Cohen (baritone), Eric Jacobs (clarinet), Hailey Johnson (mezzo-soprano), Britney Kaplan (pump organ), Ari Lipchick (violin), and Peter Pearson (cello). Also, just this past weekend we added an additional 45 new people to The Family Crest’s Extended Family at our bar chorus recording session at Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco. Thanks so much to everyone that attended and joined The Family! A very special thanks to Les and the rest of the staff at Bazaar Cafe for being so hospitable throughout the night. We had a blast.

All of this will be featured on our upcoming video blog. Until then… here is our fourth video blog. Thanks for tuning in!

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